aiDPSMeter - Aion DPS Meter

Aion EU Online Statistics

New version aiDPSMeter 0.36(22.01.15) is available here. aiDPSMeter is working with Aion client 4.6.

Parsing shields effects was fixed.

New icon. Thanks Tagava.

MyAion is integrated with Battlefield. Battlefield widget shows information about your opponents from database at start if you connected to MyAion after entering JMR, KB or Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield. Use upload tab to add known players to database.

aiDPSMeter will run one instance by default. Use parameter -m to run more than one aiDPSMeter.

aiDPSMeter is working with Battleping, WTFast and similar software. Feedback about other software is welcome.

Battlefield widget shows current pvp instances progress with participants list. Jormungand Marching Route, Kamar Battlefield and Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield are supported.
Press F5 to save screenshot to file. Battlefield widget should be active.

You can see current servers online via aiDPSMeter. Show screenshot.

Instruction for WTFast users: change game port to 3724 (default).

Instruction for Battleping users: change game port to 443.

How to find game port for other software.