aiDPSMeteraiDPSMeter - Aion DPS Meter

New version aiDPSMeter 0.78(27.03.18) is available here.

to make available the next version.

aiDPSMeter is a network-based information tool for Aion. aiDPSMeter shows damage, heal and animation speed, PvP instances progress with participants list, information about characters and current servers online. aiDPSMeter uses library win10pcap to capture Aion information from network.

System requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Frequency Asked Questions:

Q: Can't use Wi-Fi (WLAN) or Wi-Fi interface is missed in list. How to fix?
A: You can try to switch to another library npcap.

Q: How to install library npcap?
  1. Uninstall win10pcap
  2. Download Npcap installer
  3. Install Npcap with option "Install Npcap in WinPcap API-compatible Mode"

Q: Which Aion version is supported? Does aiDPSMeter work on Aion NA?
A: aiDPSMeter supports Client version 5.4 with any language. Aion NA support is not guaranteed.

Q: How to run second instance of aiDPSMeter?
A: aiDPSMeter will run one instance by default. Use parameter -m to run more than one aiDPSMeter.

Q: I am using Battleping (or other software) to lower my ping. Will aiDPSMeter work with it?
A: aiDPSMeter is working with Battleping, WTFast and similar software.
You need to switch to another library npcap and select Loopback interface in case of "Connection 2" in Battleping, SSH Tunnels (WoWPing, Pingzapper, etc.)