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aiDPSMeter - Assistance widget


Subwidget shows Timer. Timer can be activated by user or by events "spawn" and "despawn" defined on Subwidget Events.


Subwidget shows information about Bosses in high level instances and show Players DPS.
Boss information contains max HP and its state.
State of boss can be one of:

  1. Idle idle boss state
  2. Fight boss in combat state
  3. Done boss killed state
  4. Failed boss failed state (upload will not be possible)
Results will be automaticaly upload and avalable on MyAion after few seconds.



Subwidget shows information about NPC castspell defined on Subwidget Events and NPC Target switching. Use Right Click to activate context Menu.



Subwidget shows events list for Subwidgets Timer and Skills.
Event types for Subwidget Timer: spawn, despawn
Event type for Subwidget Skills: castspell with enanled "Visible" checkbox. Use Right Click to activate context Menu.